Looking for UK Online Laptop Vendors
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I'm looking to buy a sub-£500 laptop in the UK online. I've checked out Amazon, Dixons and Currys. Dixons seems to have a good range of solid models & features vs. price point. Although, I can't get any manufacturer's guarantee (a.k.a. warranty) information from them. Can anyone recommend any other reputable vendors?
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Buy something like What Laptop magazine and look at their recommendations. It's better than almost any advice you can get here because it will be up to date.

There are manufacturers like Elonex that certainly used to do well.

I don't know if anything has changed, but when I last looked to buy a laptop Dixons/Currys had a limited range and didn't appear that cheap.

I still think Dell are pretty reasonable, pricewise and for reliability. I use my basic work one every day and treat it very badly and it keeps running fine.
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I have a Dell. They're excellent value and, in my experience, a super bargain. But it's one of those companies that seems to polarise people. You'll find good and bad experiences.
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Neither Dixons nor Currys have a particularly good reputation; both will try and push expensive warranties on you for a start.

You won't go badly wrong buying from Dell, especially if you're willing to play the wait for the sale / cashback website dance in order to get decent prices out of them.

Of the Far eastern manufacturers, I'm told Asus has a very good reputation for reliability.

Another alternative is to pick up a refurb corporate laptop from somewhere like tier1online.
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Also - Micro Anvika isn't a bad retailer, either, from memory. I've never bought from them, but Dabs is well established and reputable.

FYI - Dixons, Currys and PC World (and Pixmania for that matter) are part of the same group.

This is a useful list of retailers that have won awards. PCR consistently shortlist Novatech , Dabs, Amazon and Overclockers.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I used to have a Dell and I was somewhat happy with it. It weighed a ton and the Dell service came through when I needed the keyboard replaced. Other than that, it still runs. I think I kind of lost patience with them through a work SLA, though. Don't remember exactly why I got turned off them...good to be reminded, tho.
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Response by poster: pharm, that's interesting to hear about Dixons (& Curry's). Can't you just decline the extended warranty, though?
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Sure. I personally wouldn't go there unless I had to though.
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Best answer: Problem with Currys, Dixons and PC World is the shockingly bad customer service if anything goes wrong with a purchase. I'd always buy from John Lewis of Amazon, even if slightly pricier, to save future hassle. Went to Dixons about 5 years ago with a friend to buy a laptop and they were very persistent about extended warranties. Left after the fourth time of asking and have never been back.
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John Lewis OR Amazon, that is...
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I used saveonlaptops last year having heard good things. I didn't pay for the quicker delivery option, but they still sent it using that service anyway (no cost to me). Quite a nice surprise! The item price was pretty awesome too, and they seem to have as good a selection from the different manufacturers as the bigger vendors.
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