Where can I find a gift that combines the ideas of being a proud new US citizen and a proud Muslim?
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My Muslim man friend has recently become a US citizen. Both his faith and the goal of becoming an American are very important to him. Where online can I find a congratulations gift that combines these two things? It could be art or jewelry (maybe a pendant?), or anything really. Perhaps something on which I can include the date of his ceremony.

He is Sunni, liberal and fond of man jewelry - and would probably prefer something modest. I'm looking for something under $50 that is from an English language site.

I'm flailing around the internet! Can you help focus my search?
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Here's a Muslim American flag.

(I googled 'Muslim American' and then chose the limiter 'Shopping.')
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Here's a pretty cool looking ring that has the Shahada in Arabic on the outside and in English on the inside.
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OP here - I found this on Etsy. Does it in fact say "Allah"?

Maybe I could have the date of his citizenship engraved on the flip side...
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This varies from person to person, but some Muslims are very careful about wearing jewelry with the word "Allah" on it, because they might enter a restroom (an "unclean" place) and it's considered wrong to bring something with God's name on it into a place like that.

But as I said, that really depends on the individual.

You could probably try to find something with symbols or imagery -- such as a pendant with a moon+star combo or minarets or something. I think engraving the date of his citizenship on the back is a great idea.

Have you tried posting your request with your budget on Etsy Alchemy?
You'll probably get more creative ideas than I've been able to offer you.
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Would Three Cups of Tea be an option?

It's the true story of a man who inadvertently became involved in creating schools in Pakistan and later in Afghanistan with the express purpose of educating girls in those countries.

I've given this book to a lot of people, and I have yet to find anyone who doesn't like it or admire the work being done by a mountaineer who simply took a wrong turn.
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(Many of the girls are Muslim....I forgot to mention that.)
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Perhaps some jewelry relating to the First Amendment (not many choices there, I'm sure)? Or, maybe the Constitution in general or the "We hold these truths to be self-evident" language from the Declaration of Independence?
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