He didn't just disappear from his apartment, but from my memory as well
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Help me find a vaguely-remembered blog that told a creepy fictional story about a house, which culminated in the main character entering the house and disappearing, possibly into a door to another dimension. (Not House of Leaves but probably inspired by it.)

Somewhere between five and ten? years ago, I read a blog that was a fictional thriller/horror story, written in character by a dude with some kind of weird connection to a house.

There may have been a part where they had a photo of the house, then found the actual house in real life, but I'm not sure if I'm conflating it with HoL, since while reading it I was thinking of the blog.

Also possibly at one point other people take over for the main character, or have their own related blogs describing what's happening. I think he may have posted a farewell and the friend posted to say he had disappeared.

This may be a long shot, especially given the sparse detail, but I'm keen to re-read that story and see how it matches up to my memory.
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Best answer: The Dionaea House is probably what you're looking for.
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Best answer: Was it The Dionaea House?
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Response by poster: Yesssss. This is definitely it. Thank you! Another score for AskMe.

So far, it's just as creepy as I remembered.
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