Help me get my PS3 working again!
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PS3filter: is fixing the disc intake possible?

I have an original 80gig playstation 3. My baby brother managed to stuff a nickel in there which jammed up the disc drive. I cracked it open (knowing that i was voiding the warranty) and I managed to remove the nickel and the disc that was in the drive.

Unfortunately, once screwing everything back together, i noticed that the disc drive would not accept the disc I was trying to put in there. I cracked it open once again and decided to do some trouble shooting trying to fix it or at least figure out what was wrong. I now know that the BluRay laser is still fully working and that the motor that moves all the pieces and spins the disc is also still fully working. All that leaves is the disc intake itself.

I can't really figure out where the disc intake is going wrong because the drive has to be closed and screwed together for me to be able to test it by putting a disc in. But when I do try and put one in it just sort of goes half in before just stopping because the intake isn't grabbing and pulling it in. I've tried manually resetting the disc intake into both the disc in and disc out positions but neither works. Does anyone have any tips and instructions on how to fix the intake and get it pulling in and ejecting correctly again?
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Have you tried changing the angle? Like, if you've had it vertical, popping in on its side or vice versa?
posted by Jilder at 2:35 AM on January 11, 2011

Yeah i have, and it didn't help. I'm pretty sure whatever is wrong has to do with the gears and innards of the disc drive
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