Where can I hear the best DJs in the Bay Area?
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I want to get down to good electronic music. How do I get into the SF Bay Area club/electronic music scene.

I'm becoming more and more obsessed with electronic music (techno, house, breaks, DnB, electro, hip hop, dubstep) and there's nothing I enjoy more than a good DJ set. I want to go to more clubs and parties where I can dance and listen to cutting edge stuff. I currently reside in the SF Bay Area so this should not be too difficult. How do I get into this scene and become more informed about where and when I can hear kick ass electronic music?

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Blasthaus always brings in good dj's. I like Dirtybird Records and Kontrol too.
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This article looks pretty up to date.
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On any three-day holiday weekend (i.e.: MLK Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, etc.), plan to attend the Stompy+Sunset party at Cafe Cocomo on Sunday. You certainly won't be disappointed by either the DJs or the vibe of the crowd.
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The very excellent human beings at Alpha Pup Records are starting up a SF branch of their (insanely) popular, eclectic and wonderful Low End Theory club night at 103 Harriet. The very first date will be 1/21.

It might be one of the few places where a DJ goes from an edit of Radiohead's "Weird Fishes" into some 90s gangsta rap and doesn't sound awkward at all. While the guest selectors (Baths and Daedelus) are insanely talented, the main draw at Low End Theory are the residents, who are constantly on the bleeding edge of club music, whether that means UK Funky, dubstep or even making the newest Nicki Minaj track sound badass.

I could go on for days (and will do so, given the opportunity), but there's more info available here at the Eventbrite page.

Cover is ~$16 and its 21+.
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