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I recently received a $50 iTunes gift card as a gift, which I appreciate very much. Unfortunately I am not going to buy anything from the iTunes store. What is the best way to trade this card for either cash or an gift card?

The several sites I tried (ex Plastic Jungle) don't seem to accept iTunes cards for trade, although they do sell them. Am I doing this wrong? What is the best legitimate site for this sort of transaction?

Searching previous questions don't show anything in the past year and nothing particularly applicable before that. I've read some reports that "chinese hackers" reverse engineered the iTunes gift card code algorithm so perhaps that is killing the resale market.
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Yeah, you've basically got it. The algorithm was cracked, pretty much anyone with a card writer can re-load the cards at will. You're not going to be able to sell that on a card-trade site. You might want to try craigslist or eBay.

That said, music bought off of iTunes is drm-free at this point, you can play it on any device, so that's always an option.
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I think that the best option is to wait and re-gift it to someone who may use it at the iTunes store. (I would assume that no one is terminally hip enough to not know of someone in that catagory.)
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I'd just ask some friends if they'd want to buy it off of you.
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Re gift it -
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Worth knowing that the newly launched Mac App Store also draws from your iTunes credit, so if you have a Mac and want (or will want in the future) some software, it could still be useful to you.
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eBay typically has itunes gift cards ending at or above the actual value of the gift card. Of course, you still have to pay the paypal/ebay final value fees, but that still gets you a fair amount of cash!
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Over the course of the holidays, my brother (who is in your camp) got an iTunes gift card he didn't want. I got a Starbucks card I didn't want. He loves S'bux, I'm OK with iTunes. Done and done.

Is there someone in your life who uses iTunes who might have something of comparable value that you want?
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Is the giver a Facebook friend of yours? If not, put it up for trade to your FB friends. Or Twitter. One of them probably got something they don't like/need for Xmas.
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Seconding ebay. I sold a $25 one last year for something like $28.
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You could try selling the gift card on Cardpool.

Epsilon - "something like" must mean "less than," otherwise that makes no sense.
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Craigslist or some sort of private list that you're on (work, neighborhood mailing list, that kind of thing)? That way you cast a broader net than just the people you talk to every day, you don't have to pay fees, and you might be able to just swap with someone local.
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Thank you for the helpful suggestions. I sold it to a friend last night for a little below face value. Turns out the Internet is not best for everything!
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