Which NYC preschools teach kids to read?
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What New York City Preschools teach children reading before they get to kindergarten? I'm looking for names. Thank you!
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Well, any decent preschool will be reading and teaching words and the alphabet to the preschoolers. Could you clarify what exactly you are looking for in reading instruction?

This is similar to kindergartens, but of course will probably be at a lower level. Most kindergartens try to start at words now instead of the alphabet like they used to (to the extent they are able).
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My wife's a preschool teacher at a private school here in the city. From what I gather, she and her fellow teachers try to tailor that part of the curriculum to each student's comfort level. She's had students who've come to class ready to read (if not already doing so) and others who still need more work on their letters. Unless a pre-school is screening so they only get students who already know their alphabet, I can't imagine how they'd guarantee that they'd be teaching reading in anything other than one-on-one student-teacher interaction.
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