Which free (or relatively cheap) webhost do you recommend?
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I am currently using 000webhost and am in need of a change. Lately it has been slow loading and right now the server is timing out altogether. I'm studying web design at the moment so it's not the end of the world that this happens now as the only people checking out my site are my instructors. However, in the not so distant future I would like to go pro and host my portfolio on my domain so the server going down for hours on end at any time just isn't acceptable. So... which free (or relatively cheap) webhosts do you recommend? Thank you so much for your suggestions! :)
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In first with a suggestion for nearlyfreespeech.net. They don't hold your hand as much as some hosts (no cpanel, etc) but they are reliable and affordable. Another option is dreamhost.com if you prefer something equally powerful but a bit more geared towards the novice user. As a previous question determined, web hosting is essentially a commodity at this point.
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Really should search. Same question is asked a buhzillion times.

Nearlyfreespeech will be the cheapest, my personal favorite is asmallorange.com
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I like GKG.net. But yeah, the search box is your friend. We answer this question almost monthly - or so it seems.
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Have a look at all these AskMe threads asking the same question, including this one from five days ago.
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I second the DreamHost recommendation. I've been with them for almost 7 years. Now I have unlimited space, domains, users, & bandwidth for $120/yr.
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nthing NearlyFreeSpeech. Dirt cheap for simple webdev and reliable enough.
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