Going down to London town!
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Where are the interesting places to visit in London this Thursday/Friday?

I am taking my fiancee down to London for her 28th birthday on Thursday/Friday. We arrive at 12:30, check in hotel for 1PM. We then have tickets to see 'Wicked' at 7:30PM Thursday and dinner reservations at 6:30 at Fifteen on Friday.

Anywhere cool/ interesting / hidden places to visit in between?

We like people-watching, vintage and food shops. We've visited the main attractions, visited Portobello market and attended a lunchtime recital in one of the churches if this helps get an idea of who we are.

Londoners - bless me with your knowledge and make this a great birthday outing!
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I'd head to the Old Spitalfields Market, a few blocks from Liverpool Street Station, for their Thursday antique market -- a vastly cooler collection of curiosities than Portobello. Check to see it's scheduled for that Thursday and will still be open. Then do a tour of Spitalfields' brilliantly preserved Georgian streets, its famous church, and the dozen or so Ripper sites in the neighbourhood. Coffee at Nude Espresso on Hanbury Street, then walk up Brick Lane to tour the vintage stores, Truman brewery, and people watch Europe's most incredible and incredibly annoying hipsters.
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I'm not a Londoner myself, but I've been there a few times - one place I could recommend is Covent Garden. Lots of shops, great people-watching, and even some music. A few months ago I happened to be there while a great local band was playing.

A good place to eat - especially if you're already in the Covent Garden area - is Porter's restaurant. Lots of good traditional English food, like Sheperd's Pie, Steak & Kidney Pudding, etc.
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Do you like Letterpress? This might be worth checking out: Reverting to Type Exhibition

Also check out: Creative Events in London, a great listing of what is going on.

Also, are you a Brit or USAian or something else? Because what a Brit might think is a bit average can be rather special to 'outsiders' (I say this as an Australian living near London that visits semi-frequently).
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Friday morning: Borough Market is a must.
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Oh, and here is a link to a recent post I wrote on my blog about Shoreditch and street art, which might be helpful if you are in to that kind of thing (if I am not meant to link to my own blog, that is cool, mods feel free to delete).
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