Google Custom Search Engine Fail
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Why is my (paid) Google Custom Search Engine not returning proper results?

I have a paid Google Custom Search Engine on my site, using a valid sitemap submitted through Webmaster Tools for on-demand indexing. For some reason, it isn't returning any results in most cases. However, doing a search on the Site Search demo site works just fine, as does searching for " query" on Google. In addition, the email support option (which is part of why we paid for this) doesn't seem to be loading, so I'm not able to actually contact their support about this. Why would there be this discrepancy between the demo and the actual engine on the site?
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" query" where = your site?

If not = your site, is it possible you have site spidering turned off?
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Best answer: I have used Google Site Search in the past with very flaky results. It is uncharacteristically useless for a piece of Google software... it may have been my configuration but I tried everything, support was unable to help me, and I went back to Magento's (my ecommerce framework) native search. If you email and specifically ask for Prathap Reddy he is the product manager for Google Site Search.
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