What service can send me updated countdowns to my life events?
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I would love a service where I would get a daily or hourly or ? SMS about an upcoming deadline.

I know that my iPhone will give me a pop-up of an upcoming task. It might say something like 'Tuesday: bake cookies!'
What I need is something like
'23 days: bake cookies'. Then, the next day:
'22 days: bake cookies'.
I need that countdown, that sense of impending doom. I tried getting my friend to do this and he kept forgetting....no cookies.
Other details: gotta Mac, gotta PC, gotta iPhone, and yes, I'd be willing to pay for this.
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Hmmm, I know that Android's built in calendar has an option to give repeated reminders, so maybe if you dig into the event creation options on the iOS calendar you can find something like that, too?

Sans that, this looks like it might help:


"Days Until." I'm not sure if it'll give you pop-up notifications or if you have to go into the app to see the time left, but it's the best I could find. Happy hunting!
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You can add it as an event daily in google calendar, then set it to send daily reminder by SMS or email.
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