a MAN-icure
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Looking for a guy-friendly cheap place for a manicure and/or pedicure in the DC area.

Looking for a affordable and cheap place for a guy to get a manicure and pedicure. Any suggestions? Preferably inside the Beltway. Metro-accessible great, but not completely a mandate.
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Pretty much any Asian-owned cheap place has male customers. Walk by, peek in window, look for Asian employees and the price list and give it a shot.
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I go to Angelo Nails (formerly Bebe Nails) 615 Pennsylvania, SE. It's right by Eastern Market. Lots of guys go there, and it is very affordable.

They will ask you to buy your own callus shaver, and then they will assign a number and record it in a book. Write the number on their business card or make a note on your phone, because the book and those numbers are not in any order that you or I can understand!
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Grooming Lounge.
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From a MeFite who would prfer to remain anonymous:
OP, you should be able to use any nail shop you see. Here in my hometown, none of them care when I go in to get my nails done (I'm a guy, btw), because they really don't care so long as my money is good.

If you're not a crossdresser like I am, then when the nail tech asks you what color you want, just tell her (or him) that you don't want any color.

If you're anxious about walking in while other customers are there, look for one that doesn't have many vehicles parked outside & is within half an hour or so of closing time.

I doubt you'll catch flak from anyone about this, since you're in DC (which isn't exactly an anti-gay/alt lifestyle place). If you were in a small town out in the sticks, maybe yeah, but you're not.
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Yeah, I forgot about the color of polish question. The guys who go to my place seem to be men who work on their feet or wear steel-toes shoes/work boots and want to give their tootsies a break.
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