Is There a Faster Way to Dial Internationally with Google Voice?
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I frequently use Google Voice for cheap outbound international calls. The problem is that it's really cumbersome--I dial my Google Voice number from my iPhone, enter my PIN code, PAUSE, press 2 to place a call, PAUSE, enter the 13 digit phone number, PAUSE, and finally get through. Does anyone know a way to automate this? Is there a way to store frequently dialed numbers or otherwise get through the menus faster?
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You want an app that integrates your contacts list with GV. Like the Google Voice app on iTunes.
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Just use your computer? Type the number into the web interface, pick up your phone when it rings, done.

I think there is even an official iPhone app now: itms://
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YOu could try Not the cheapest VOIP (compare to but very comfortable to use.
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Yea, just use the Google Voice app. That's what I do - you just choose whatever number you want to call from your contact list (or put it in yourself) and it calls it. No pausing, no waiting.
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It may also be possible to use commas in the stored number: I had a phone in which you could enter, say, ###-###-####,,,,####,# (etc.) and each comma would pause for a second, allowing such a process to be wholly automated.
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Thirding the Google Voice app. I use it to call Luxembourg (incidentally the HQ of Skype) everyday. Ironically, it can be three times as expensive to call a mobile phone in Luxembourg than in Russia or Romania.

You might try the Skype app for the iPhone, it is pretty good over 3G (at least in Cleveland).
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the timely and awesome answers! I just downloaded the Google Voice app and it seems to solve my problem entirely. I don't know why I never thought to look for it before, but there you go... Thanks again!
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Before the google voice app was (finally!) released, I just used from my iphone
I would either dial from there or select the number from my contacts (note: used the contacts stored in your google profile.)
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