Zipper replacement in Toronto?
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Where in downtown Toronto can I get the zipper on a winter coat replaced?

The zipper on my long (almost ankle length), down-filled "sleeping bag" coat has just failed me. Given the current weather in Toronto, this is nothing short of tragic. Where can I get the zipper replaced? Downtown (and transit accessible) location is key; east side (but not further east than Main St.) ideal. I'm thinking that because it's a very long zipper I probably can't just go to any old dry cleaner or alteration shop. Thanks!
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This doesn't address your question directly, but make sure to specify zipper colour when getting it replaced. I got a nickel-plated zipper replaced at an alteration shop and they put a gold one in - it ruined the jacket.
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Best answer: They are not downtown, but you can get there by the subway:

Sport Sewing
1931 Gerrard St E
(416) 690-4669

They are experts at repairing difficult things like backpacks, climbing harnesses, and foul-weather gear. They replaced the zipper on my down filled jacket without letting all the down escape. I recommend them highly.
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Response by poster: Thanks Multicellular Exothermic! Two blocks from my house too--bonus.
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For any future searchers, there is a fantastic tailor at Yonge and Queen called Magic Tailor who could replace a zipper or really do anything for you. They do a great job.
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Response by poster: I actually have some other stuff to be altered as well--thanks for the tip, Kololo. Additional bonus!
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Response by poster: In case anyone in Toronto wants to know how it all worked out.....Sport Sewing may do good work, but they told me it would take three weeks to replace the zipper. Magic Tailor managed to repair the zipper for no cost in one day, and also gave me a ten minute tutorial on how to properly use my two-way zipper. Highly recommended!
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