Looking for a personal time-management software with a calendar function
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Looking for a personal time-management software with a calendar function

I've found that I've been spending way too much time doing who knows what and going off schedule of what I should be doing. I am hoping to find a program that can help me with this.

Ideally, I'm looking for a program that has a calendar feature (preferably integrated with GCal) that lets me set a schedule and tasks I plan to do for the day. Then when the time is up, I would like notifications to move onto the next task with the option to prolong the task at hand.

I've tried out several other timing programs, but they are mostly geared towards the business setting and lack the calendar task setting feature. I've searched on Lifehacker and tried their suggested programs (timeEdition, ManicTime, Klok, RescueTime, etc.) but none seem to have what I'm looking for. I do like ManicTime's ability to automatically track what I'm doing, which would be a bonus feature.

If you know of any programs with the feature I'm looking for (Calendar with task reminders/notifications), please let me know. Thank you.

P.S. I'm mainly looking for an offline tool, but would be willing to go for a web-based one if it does what I want.
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Give chandler a try http://chandlerproject.org/
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remember the milk.
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Things for mac is great - if you're on a mac
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I just use Google Calendar with the Tasks feature (remember that tasks can be given a relevant date) and just stack up the tasks for each day the night before. Additionally I use GTasks (notably instead of *g*Tasks due to crashes) to check things off on the move.

However this doesn't solve your time tracking issue. I am developing a program that does something similar to your needs (set a list of goals for the following day, interfaces that tell you what to do next or show you a list of things, repeatable goals, long-term statistics etc.). Considering redesigning it as a local app (rather than web-based) now.
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Maybe Nirvana? https://www.nirvanahq.com
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