Can you recycle Teflon/nonstick coated cookware? 2011 Edition
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My question has already been asked, but that was six years ago and I'm wondering what's changed since then. So: is there a good way to recycle nonstick cookware nowadays?

Google results turn up conflicting information. My best guess is that this is technically doable, but the programs aren't widespread and it's probably too impractical for most. Anybody know differently? I'm in the Boston area, if that helps. I have mixed feelings about giving it away, although I will do that if there's no other good option. Thanks in advance.
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I don't get what's wrong with giving them away, or dropping them off at an op-shop, but if these ideas are out I'd drop them off at a local scrap-metal merchant. Reuse is far better than recycling. Is there a reason for your mixed feelings?
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