Balloon wall 101/Suess decorating 201
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Tips on making a balloon wall?

I've been considering making a balloon wall for a backdrop for a "Oh the places you'll go"-themed banquet. But, I'm guessing that the instructions that I've found online will only get me so far before I lose patience with the project.

Any tips (or alternate ideas for a semi-formal Suess event)?
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Best answer: I glanced at the instructions, but man, seems tedious. As an alternate suggestion, I might suggest using pegboard. It's cheap from Home Depot. You could just blow up balloons, tie them off and pull the tied knot through the little hole. The hole pattern is regularly spaced so that planning a design would be easy, and the holes are close enough together so that the pegboard would be completely hidden when all the balloons were on it.
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Response by poster: I like your idea a lot nickjadlowe. Thanks for suggesting it!
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Also, just a reminder that it's spelled "Seuss". :-)
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Response by poster: Yes, you are so correct, exceptinsects. S-e-u-s-s... S-E-U-S-S....
I'll get it right one of these times. :)
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