How to buy e-reader in Chicago airport?
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Can I buy an e-reader in or near Chicago O'Hare airport while transiting?

I'm travelling from Indonesia to Mexico City, and really want to buy an e-reader. The only one I can buy here in Indonesia is an iRiver Cover Story... 2 of which have irreparably crashed in the shop by just trying out my own SD card with some of my own books. So is there a shop in the airport or very nearby where I can buy a Sony or similar e-reader? I arrive in O'Hare at 11:40 AM and my next plane leaves from O'Hare at 06:05 PM. Obviously I want to leave a massive amount of time for leaving the plane, immigration, boarding, etc. Many thanks!
(If it makes any difference, I'm British and will be transiting the US under the visa waiver scheme)
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Inmotion store might be a good place to look.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Terminal 1, by Gate B7 (773) 462-9454
Terminal 3, by Gate H1 (773) 462-9456
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I believe the Best Buy kiosks stock the Sony e-reader. I thought I had seen the kiosks in O'Hare, but the internet does not confirm this.
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This seems to be a list of all the stores at O'Hare (remarkably tiny list), you can try to find out from the stores, perhaps. I have usually seen them at airport bookstores.
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If you want to venture outside the airport, there's a Target very nearby. But you'd almost certainly have to drive/take a taxi there, because as far as I know there's no walkable route.
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United have told me that I'm able to leave the airport, and Target looks pretty good. However I gave them a ring and they only carry the Kindle which is a bit of a pain as I want to read many pdfs and don't intend on buying any books from Amazon. Still, it's my best option so far. If anyone knows where I can get a Sony, that would be even better.
I'm not sure about the kiosk option, as I would be a bit stuck if it didn't work with no options for refunds from Mexico!
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A bit of further Googling reveals that there is a Best Buy about 5 miles away from the airport. Best Buy carries a variety of Sony e-readers on their website.
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Thanks, will try to give them a ring if I have time before I go. Thanks for the answers everyone.
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