Please do not feed the DVD player
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How do I replace a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country's DVD player without spending obscene amounts of money?

My son decided to feed it several pennies through the slot, which it did not like. Now every time a disc is entered, the error "Bad Disc" shows up, and ejects it.

This particular kind is the one that is mounted directly on the car's interior uh... ceiling, I guess? It has a flip down screen, and allows one disc at a time in the player. I imagine having a dealer replace it will cost me something outrageous. What's the best method of finding a suitable replacement on the cheap? I'm kind of handy, but I am not an auto mechanic or an electrician. I've installed a car stereo from Crutchfield before, but that's about the peak of my car stereo skills.
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I think you answered your own question. Crutchfield...they make changing stereos almost idiot proof. They provide detailed instructions.
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I would check ebay and local salvage yards
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chrylser dvd
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Best answer: How hard is it to get at the guts of the player?

If one of those pennies is simply blocking the DVD player's laser and/or laser sensor that would give you a bad disc error.

I'm wondering if simply taking it apart and getting the pennies out might be all the fix you need.
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Seconding de void, If the thing is broken, there's no harm in opening it up and trying to remove the pennies. Usually you can do that sort of thing with a screwdriver.
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Response by poster: I'll try the dismantling to get the pennies out route first. Anyone ever taken apart one of these things? I don't see a great way to do it from the get-go.
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Best answer: Is the slot where you actually put the DVD on the ceiling as well as the screen?

If so, I'm *guessing* that there will be some sort of plastic bezel that acts as decorative trim around the body of the player.

Start gently prying around the edges of that bezel to see if you can get it to pop off. Once it comes off I'd be willing to bet you'll see mounting screws and electrical connectors that will allow you to remove it and take it somewhere where it is easier to work on.
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