Great (or even just good) iPhone app for podcasts?
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What's a decent iPhone app for downloading/listening to podcasts? I'm trying to avoid syncing it to iTunes every time I want to get new podcasts, so I'd like to use this app to subscribe to one and let me know when new episodes are available (that's the important part), listen to them, and delete them. Didn't find much of anything in the AskMeFi archives except a reference to Podcaster, but does anyone have any personal recommendations? Free or not-free. Thanks!
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There's PodCaster (iTunes link). I haven't used it personally, but friends have given me positive comments.
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I like Stitcher for podcasts that I don't use iTunes to download. It does require some kind of internet connection, but it's a very smooth interface and it's pretty quick. Sorry, I can't get a good link here at work, but it's on the app store.
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When I had an iPhone, Podcaster was the go-to podcast client. Apple doesn't really like anyone using a different client than iTunes, so that's kind of what you're stuck with.

If you're on Android, DoggCatcher is the bees-knees.
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