Help me remember this Disney Channel Movie, with a thunderstorm and a hospital!
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Help me remember this Disney Channel Movie, with a thunderstorm and a hospital!

I was talking with some friends today about old disney channel original movies. I remembered just a snippet of one, but cannot remember the title or the actual story.

There is a teenage girl, who at some point ends up in a hospital. She walks out into the rain and has some sort of breakthrough moment, realizes the point of it all, or makes the right decision she has been struggling with.. something to that effect. It is dark outside.

The story has something to do with switching bodies, or her body is being controlled by an alien or robot. Remembering the vibe of the movie, it seemed like the character had a mental illness, but I think it actually was something sci fi, like she was battling for control of herself with some alien or something.

Thinking back on it, it seems a little dark or heavy for a disney channel movie, but I'm pretty sure that is where I saw it.

Thanks for helping me remember so I don't go crazy!
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First thing that popped into my head was one called "Stepsister from Planet Weird"

It had some character hiding under a car at one point saying something to the effect of " I fear the wind"
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Yes-- Stepsister from Planet Weird. I think. And their ridiculous bubbles.
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I know exactly the movie you are talking about, but I, too, only remember the ending involving a hospital and a thunderstorm. I think her dad or friend might have been dying inside the hospital. I think it might be a FOX or ABC Family movie.
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If that's not it, here's a of DCOMs.

It might have been Pixel Perfect.
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here's a list of DCOMs...

I can totally picture the scene in my head and it's going to drive me crazy now!
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Here is the scene around 2:30.
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Wow, that's it, Pixel Perfect. Thank you so much!
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