UK Skins in the US
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How can I watch the new UK season of Skins in the US?

So I've watched the first three seasons and I am thoroughly obsessed and am equally disgusted with the new American version on MTV. Any suggestions on how I can watch the new UK episodes (starting on Jan 17th) as they come out? I looked on iTunes, but no luck.
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Not exactly answering your question, but the fourth season actually comes out on DVD next week. It's the fifth that premieres later this month.
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Standard answer: VPN with UK access point that allows you into 4oD, or torrent sites like UKNova.
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If you search YouTube with something like "skins series 5 ep 1" the day/week it comes out, you can probably find the episode uploaded. skinsftw tumblr will hopefully have the new episodes up too. BBC America will probably air the episodes later this year (could be weeks or months) but the episodes will be edited with some curse words blanked out and without all the original music and an occaisional missing scene.

I'm giving the US version a chance even though the pilot and one other episode is supposed to be practically a shot-for-shot remake. I don't expect great things but the reverse trailer gave me some marginal hope.
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If you can find a UK based proxy, you can watch them here in glorious technicolor!
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1. Install Google Chrome
2. Install the Add-On called "Proxy Switchy!" (actually, I think they have it for Firefox, too)
3. Add a UK proxy to the add-on (find one here
4. Find Skins on
5. Turn on the proxy, hit play and enjoy!
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