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SVG Animation - is anyone doing it? What are the best resources?

I've recently started using SVG for static images (self link 1, 2) and now I'd like to try animation. For example, the second example is constructed from many small triangles - by replacing triangles at random with different designs I can change the large-scale structure of the pattern.

Searching the web, it seems like this was popular around 2002, and then died. Am I looking at a technology that's not just cool, but stone cold dead? If not, can anyone point me to any recent work, help, discussion? (I know of the yahoo mail list, but it's not been that helpful so far - anything better?)

Also, what tools? I'm currently using Batik. Is that the best there is? It doesn't support declarative animation (but does claim to support scripting, which can be used to animate, right?). I've not had much success with Adobe's SVG libs in Firefox (I tried both versions, following the various instructions on the net; one worked intermittently, the other not at all).

Ideally I'd like to convert my animated SVG to some kind of popular video format that people can view in browsers. Is that way too optimistic? (Note that often my images are so complex they take a while to render, so I suspect the initial SVG animation may not happen in "real time").
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Funny, I was just reading a fresh article stating that SVG as a format is on the way up now that Mozilla and Opera are building it into the browser.

That's as much as I know- since you're making static svg, you're probably ahead of 99% of the people out there.
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Response by poster: whoah! great news! thanks.
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Opera 8 just introduced support for SVG tiny, as jeremias mentioned. It's actually really nifty, despite the fact that there aren't any sites using it natively (as opposed to rendered to a bitmap) yet. Still, if you have a capable browser and feel like drooling (it includes an animation): opera svg.
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The up-coming version of Illustrator (CS2) offers this feature:
< mobile content creation: optimize rich graphical content for mobile wireless devices by saving artwork in any svg format, including svg-t, with improved export options, previewing, and more.>>
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