Function room in Boston?
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Where's a good place in Boston for about 75 internet geeks to get together for a party sometime this summer?

10th anniversary party for a website full of crazy people of both sexes. At a minimum, food and drink need to be available. Ideally there would be internet access and some small stage to make presentations. There should be some tolerance for wacky highjinx. Sunlight is not a requirement.
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There's always back room or downstairs at Clery's. I don't know that it has internet access, but it's still very affordable for such a sweet location and the food's decent.

You can probably get wireless connections from unsecured routers in Tent City across the street.
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I'd recommend a lodge or VFW, but doubt you could get wifi or decent food. They'd have your booze in spades, though.

The back room at The Burren in Davis Square (red line) has a stage, can be secured for large groups, has food and drink, and I think Ryvar even managed to swipe some wifi from a nearby coffee shop when we were there for the meetup. There's also talk of Davis getting free wifi throughout, but that will not likely manifest for some time.
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The Burren is a good idea if you dont' mind slogging out to Somerville. It's across the street from a Starbucks and right next door to another so the wifi maybe strong.
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You can ask about renting the downstairs at Redbones in Davis Square, but it would probably need to be on a low-volume weeknight. Can't help you on wifi though.
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How close does it need to be to Boston? Constant Reader talks about "slogging out to Somerville" as if it were a hundred mile trek.

I can think of a couple of LAN game places, one in Burlington and one in Arlington (I think) that might be okay.
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Accesseble by the T would be a must. Somerville isn't bad but ideally it would be in dowtown/back bay.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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Fire and Ice in Back Bay does get-togethers and parties. They have a special menu and such for large gatherings and they surely do 75+ people parties no problem. I am not sure about internet access, but hey, it's Back Bay, someone *must* have an unsecured network close-by.
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it's Back Bay, someone *must* have an unsecured network close-by.

I lived just across Columbus (about four blocks from) Fire and Ice and I can assure you that the Back Bay/South End is so full of unsecured connections that it's unreal.
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