Domain name for Clyde
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I need to get a domain name for a band called Clyde. Should I get or Or

Any suggestion is welcome, as long as it's available.
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Personally I like
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Too late..I've bought them ALL! But seriously folks, I see that is still available. Tick-Tock Clarice
posted by john-paul at 6:10 AM on April 14, 2005 is really original. I vote for that choice. It'll stick in people's minds.
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This help?
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I think is probably the best way to go. is nice, but I think "rocks" might be better because it's shorter and more obvious. Though, if you're not into the whole brevity thing, there's always
posted by soplerfo at 6:58 AM on April 14, 2005 is great sohcahtoa!

It has to be something I'd remember if it was said to me when drunk at some pub or club. And something that everyone can spell. I don't think bonafideclyde works for either of them.
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No need to only get one! I'd get bonafideclyde plus an easier one to spell/remember what have you.
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You can be zany, but don't get too clever.
Barenaked Ladies beats Latin any day.
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Whenever I have to look for a band with a hard-to-google name I always try, and first. Also from experience making flyers and stickers, the shorter and easier to read/remember is best.
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dude... ya gotta go with

it like.....ya know .... rocks
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Another vote here for "" or "". Bonafide Clyde would be a great band name, but it's not this band's name, so I think you'd end up with the potential for confusion.

If you've got the budget, also pick up "" or "", since a band is going to be giving its URL verbally a lot of the time, and people will decide to try it one way or the other on their own.
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When I need to google for a band that has a common name I always search for (using clyde here as a placeholder) keywords clyde music and clyde band so make sure you have those words prominently available in your title tag and meta tags as well as maybe in the domain name.
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* is by far the most popular format, for the record. It's practically a specified URL format in the HTTP standard.
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Ok. I write a column about local music, and have to muddle through things like this all the time. First off, tell Clyde to change their name. Why? Because a) it doesn't signify anything good about the band (it makes me think of jam band dumbasses), b) it's a pretty common word so I'm both willing to bet that googling them will be a pain in the ass and that another band already has it.
So, first off, pick a different name. Even adding "The" in front of it would help, even though The Clyde is almost as dumb as just Clyde.
Second, if they absolutely insist that Clyde is the name that they want to be known by for now and for always, go with (or theclydemusic). It's going to be the easist thing to find when schleps like me have to try and figure out if they're worth seeing. Then make sure that they have at least a couple of internal links, so that it will show up on a google search. So far, at least, no other band really shows up under searches for clyde music or clyde band, which are the first two things people are going to try when they invariably can't remember that it's not
But really, change the name.
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I dig, that seems pretty good. It reminds me of "O Brother"

As far as their name klang, I don't follow your logic. I mean there are a lot of bands with names that don't signify something "good" about their music, but they're still popular/good etc.
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Ok, I just got Thanks for the help.
posted by andrewzipp at 12:07 PM on April 14, 2005 would be great, if only "Hier entsteht eine neue Internetpräsenz." hadn't already taken it!
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Bonafide Clyde might actually be a good band name, per klangklangston's suggestion...
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I'd suggest that you not only take the BonafideClyde.Com domain name, but suggest that the band change its name to that.
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What WCityMike said...even though you already made a choice. I agree with klang, 'Clyde' has no bang.
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