Döner south of Boston?
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Does anyone know where, south of Boston, I can get a passable fresh-off-the-spit döner kebab sandwich?

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Heck, it shouldn't be anything fancy. But I want to see it being carved from the spit, rather than having something already off the spit (for who knows how long) reheated. And I'm having a hard time finding that without heading into the city.

Oh, and I'm far enough south on 95 that it's just as easy (if not easier) to head to Providence as it is to Boston. So northern RI recommendations aren't out of the question, if it comes to that.

I tried to indulge the craving this week with a trip into Brookline to Brookline Family Restaurant (a recommendation from my vegetarian sister). For a vegetarian, she did okay. But the döner was a little fancy, grilled in a hot-sauce, and not freshly carved from the spit. It was good, but it wasn't what I'm craving.
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Well, this is also in Brookline, but Shawarma King's shawarma is very döner-y and they do usually carve it right off the spit.
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Ah, see you're asking the wrong question. The turkish dish doner kebap is called by it's greek name in the Northeast US - the gyro. You'd be shocked at how many "Italian" grinder shops and mom'n'pop pizzarias are greek owned, and they generally do a great gyro "on the spit," tho it will be smaller than a typical doner kebap for space considerations.

In Providence, East Side Pockets specializes in middle-eastern cuisine, and does a spectacular gyro.
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Slap*Happy, I will beat feet up there tomorrow if it doesn't snow. THANK YOU!
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Response by poster: Slap*Happy: Yeah, but there's a lot of middling sandwich shops around here that will use those frozen long skinny "gyro" patties, and claim that they have gyros. Horrid, but true. So, I intentionally used "döner" instead of "gyro" to make sure that I'm avoiding those travesties. It's hardly the wrong question at all.

I'll keep E.S.P. in mind, though.
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