What is this strange vintage lamp?
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What is this cool and yet weird vintage lamp? I found it at an estate sale, and can't place exactly what it even is. White orb surrounded by a black wooden band.

Shot 1

Shot 2

Added info:

1. There are no manufacture markings, but it doesn't look handmade.

2. It takes two clicks to turn on and two to turn off. WTF.
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The switch is likely for a 3-way light bulb: dim, normal, bright, then off. If you have a regular bulb, it's 2 on and 2 off.
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It looks like maybe there used to be an illuminated world globe in the stand, and someone has replaced it with a blank orb to make a lamp instead.
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Cool lookin' lamp! It strikes me as something made in a faraway land and purchased at an import store, such as Pier 1. Definitely vintage looking, maybe seventies? I could see it next to a water bed...
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It's a lamp.

I'd say 70s is about right (the dark polished wood is the big tip-off). It's definitely a conversation piece. I doubt it was a globe (those are common enough and usually have the Earth at the appropriate angle and so on), particularly because the globe that's there fits its base so well.
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This looks like something designed for a department store counter or restaurant. It would be very high-style for a home, but could have been produced at an industrial decorator shop.
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