Humidifier doesn't blow....and that's bad.
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I have a Kenmore console humidifier. Recently it's become unable to blow in any setting but the 'low' one. I've tried changing the filter but that didn't work. Any ideas from the fixy-oriented on things I could try?
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If you're not using distilled water (and please who does?) it might be limed up. My dad cleans his seasonally with CLR.
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Response by poster: What part might need to be cleaned with CLR?
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Lime probably wouldn't affect the fan speed.

Probably a bad switch- what does the fan do when it is at the higher settings? Nothing? or spin at the same speed?
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Response by poster: It used to have 3 settings; F1, F2, and F3. Now it only seems to have the one setting which now says just "F." It blows or it doesn't blow.
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Oh, it is like a LED or LCD display rather than a knob? No clue.
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