Black food critics
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Are there any black food critics writing for major papers? What about other minorities? Is there any way to research this? Thanks!
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Dorothy Gaiter at the Wall Street Journal. She's a pretty major figure in food and wine writing these days.
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That is a hard question.
There is the Association of Food Journalists which might be worth emailing with the question. But even then - that sort of data seems unlikely to have been compiled in one spot.
Do you actually know of any yourself ? - if so, email and ask them.
Maybe it's more along the lines of sociology than food critic information - just musing out loud here. I will be interested to see if someone can provide a definitive resource.
There's labor data and census data but I'm not sure if/how to drill down.
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I would try the National Association of Black Journalists. They should be able to search their directory for you.
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Several years ago, I remember reading reviews in the Voice by Jessica Harris. Dai Huynh with the Houston Chronicle.
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Riz Rollins of Seattle is an all-around renaissance man who has written many columns and articles for The Stranger in addition to being a club and radio DJ. Among his Stranger articles are some food reviews, including some specifially about soul food and barbecue.
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Seattle P-I's food columnist Hsiao-Ching Chou.
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