Passion, grace and fire
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Feed me music! Fast paced acoustic guitar jams and anything related.

I'm not sure how to describe what I want. I'm on a guitar jam streak: acoustic, fast-paced and awesome.

Here's what I've found and want more of:

Rodrigo y Gabriela: Tamacun and Diablo Rojo
Trace Bundy: Dueling Ninjas
Al DiMeola : Passion, Grace & Fire

Feel free to reccommend anything mildly related. Ethnic is good too!
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almost anything by Django Rheinhardt...
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Leo Kottke.
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Rodrigo y Gabriela

She brings an entire percussion section to the duo using her hands and fingers on the body of her guitar.
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... and so it seems you have found them (upon further reading.)
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Rajamani. (His actual name is Oliver Rajamani, but he goes by his last name.) Album: Pakiam.
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I don't know if it's exactly up your alley, but fast paced acoustic jam to me says bluegrass. There's lots in bluegrass music that isn't fast-paced and guitar-laden, but skip that over and you're left with some great jams.

Tony Rice & Norman Blake
Bryan Sutton + others
Chris Eldridge (& Josh Williams & Danny Knicely)

…are the first few names to come to mind. If you like any of that take the names in those videos and go crazy on google.
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If you don't already have it, the two albums of Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia together are essential.
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Gipsy Kings?

Also: I know it's not guitar but if you're not averse to blurring the lines a bit I would be remiss if I didn't recommend just about anything by the jaw-droppingly amazing and versatile mandolin player Chris Thile, especially 'Not All Who Wander are Lost' and 'Into the Cauldron' (mandolin/mandola/mandocello duets with Mike Marshall).
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For passion, grace and fire, I suggest Solstice by Ralph Towner.
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Jesse Cook.
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John Fahey, the father of modern American acoustic folk.
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Acoustic Alchemy.
Pentangle, and all its permutations.
Earl Klugh.
Josh White and his son, Josh White, Jr.
Doc Watson and his (deceased) son Merle.
Legendary jazz guitarist Joe Pass put out an acoustic album (Virtuoso #4) worth anyone's while. Might have the definitive solo instrumental version of Billy Strayhorn's Lush Life, as its opening track.
Tuck Andress (electric hollowbody) (of the husband/wife duo Tuck and Patti) plays and teaches with an appreciation of electric sustain, and acoustic chord structure.
Montreux made some terrific acoustic jazz/fuzion music.
Grant Geissman has put out some nice music.
If you're aware of Al Di Meola, you may know of his frequent collaborator, Larry Coryell.
You can't ignore Kenny Burrell.
Or the late Herb Ellis.
A little outside what you've asked about (on either side of the "personal style" divisor) are Wes Montgomery and Stanley Jordan, but both those guys play like no one else, if often, electrically.
Whatever Chet Atkins could do on an electric guitar, he could do, and did, on an acoustic.
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Hot Tuna - Mann's Fate
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Sandy Bull
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Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia together

Jaw-dropping acoustic sixteenth-note runs, especlaillly Paco.

(I prefer Sandy Bull myself, but he wasn't in a big hurry. There's a joke here if you know the movie Colors).
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Seconding Jesse Cook. Also, if you're more acoustic-minded, Adrian Legg is phenomenal. Sheets of cascading finger-picking - - not to be missed.
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I came to throw Chet Atkins and Kaki King into the mix, but I'll chuck you one of my home town boys: Bruce Mathiske, and these kids (they really do look young... ) I'm seeing tonight because they make me laugh: Citrus Jam.
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Acoustic Mania. Anything from John McLaughlin's acoustic projects (eg his Shakti group). And as already mentioned, Django Reinhardt and his many followers, for example Jimmy Rosenberg and Frank Vignola.
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I'd add Preston Reed to the list. He's a contemporary of Leo Kottke and an influence on Kaki King's style.
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Also Baden Powell for Brazilian bossa/samba.
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