Calling Wordpressers to help with pdf!!
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Calling all Wordpress specialists (and I know there are many!). I have a small blog which is a source of business for me and I want my readers to have the option of getting a printer friendly version of each post in the form of a PDF. I need your experience on which plugin may work best for me.

The idea is to ensure that the output looks professional (removes unnecessary clutter of links and images) and ensures that my profile is included in the printed version (in order to drum up business from readers).

I know very little about WP Plugins and on doing a simple search I found the following plugins which could do the job and I am looking for personal experience with any of them:

Here is the shortlist:

oqey pdfs

Print Friendly

wp post to pdf

make pdf newspaper

Kalins PDF Creation Station/

Univermout Post Manager


Maybe you can rate these on:

a) how good is the output

b) does not say on the blog or on pdf that it is a free tool (?!)

b) how easy it is to configure it

and any other dimension that I may have missed. Also if I have missed any plugin that you particularly like please let me know.
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I use Print Friendly all the time as a reader, mostly for food blogs and recipes I want to try. (I love the sites that have the link available in their posts, but I also keep a bookmarklet in Firefox for the sites that don't.) One of my favorite things about Print Friendly is that I can customize the output - remove some or all of the images or blank space or extraneous paragraphs - before I print or save it. I do wish, however, that there was an option to change the font size.
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Adding a simple print sheet [print.css] to your Wordpress theme will give you the most control about what a visitor will get when printing. A basic print sheet is like the stylesheet of that theme, but then much simpler, and with rules that force all the elements out of sight you don't want in print. [With the parameter display:none;}]

This is a classic article on how to make a print.css.

Adding information to a page that is printed to paper, or pdf, can be done by defining a class, say 'printtext', that is set to 'display:none;' in your style.css, but that will display according what you define to your print.css.
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