Which hot tub accessory should I buy as a gift?
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Do you have a hot tub? Do you have hot tub accessories or toys? Tell me your favorite ones.

My boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law took me in for three days when I was stranded in West Virginia during the last blizzard. I'd love to send them a thank you gift, but my boyfriend would prefer I don't send food. They have a brand-new cedar barrel hot tub in their yard and use it very frequently, so I thought perhaps I'd send them some silly-but-luxurious accessory that they wouldn't buy themselves.

I've tried Googling hot tub accessories, but all the products look the same to me; I'm not much of a hot tubber myself. Do any MeFites our there own a hot tub and have a favorite beer caddy or water hammock that they'd like to recommend for me? The couple in question already have a light-up disco jellyfish, so I'm going to take light-up disco jellyfish off the table for now.

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What about some fabulous, luxurious bath sheets? I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a fancy towel or two.
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Something like this or this.
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We have an outdoor hot tub in Minnesota, which is...interesting...in the middle of winter. Things I want include a patio heater (to make it easier to get out of the nice water) and this rug to put down over the snow. These are only useful if they have cold snowy winters, of course.
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A towel warmer. It's great to get out of a hot tub and have a nice warm towel waiting for you.
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Here are some nice accessories, I was trying to find a photo of a mat, (scroll down on page). Or huge, absorbent bath sheets, or nice absorbent cotton robes.
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Plastic wine and beer glasses to avoid injurious fragments.
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Oh! and rubber duckies.
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Really excellent robes or towels. A nice place to hang towels and robes near the hot tub. The towel warmer doesn't appear to work outside, and I've never bothered to use the patio heater for the hot tub (though it is nice in spring and autumn if you are eating outdoors). I would not drink in the hot tub and so would not like beverage things (I get woozy enough from the heat).

I also very much like aromatherapy stuff for the hot tub, but a lot of people do not.
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We too have an outdoor hot tub in Minnesota. It gets used a lot more in the winter than summer. Now I want to run home and hop in...

Anyway our tub is on a deck about 20 feet from the patio door and walking back to the house is not terribly fun. I've been thinking about getting some Crocks (or knock-offs) specifically for hot tub use. I would float them in the tub a few minutes prior to getting out and wear the nice warm shoes into the house. I'm horrendously cheap frugal, so to me this is silly-but-luxurious. This may not apply in warmer climes, but it would be huge for me.

I do like the bottles of aromatherapy business you can drip into the tub for a pretty smell (odd because I don't like perfume or other supposedly nice-smelling things), so I'd suggest those depending on taste. They seem way too expensive for what they are so again, luxurious.
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I like Clinging to the Wreckage's shoe suggestion. We have a sauna in our backyard and one thing I'd like to have is extra flip flops for guests. If we didn't already have 30 or so towels, I might want some nice ones that were personalized with something like "spa du vespabelle."
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For the hot tub, we prefer big bathrobes to towels. I would suggest a towel rack and hooded bathrobes. If that's more than you want to spend, the suggestion of a bucket of waterproof slip-on shoes is a good one. Payless does a Croc knockoff; Linens N Things does one as a dorm shower shoe, Amazon has a wide variety of "shower shoes".
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