Will Vibram Five Fingers rip out my toe hair?
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Will Vibram Five Fingers rip out my toe hair?

Not a lot of nuance here. I have hairy toes and feet. Will Vibram Five Fingers (or a similar shoe) rip out the hairs when I put them on/take them off?
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Best answer: No, the fit is not wet-suit tight and the fabric that touches the top of your toes is not grabby.
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Best answer: I have some toe hair and this has never been an issue. My Vibram Bikilas aren't sticky in any way.
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Response by poster: Thanks--somehow the only people I know in real life who have these shoes are smooth-footed types. It's good to know that I can move further along the continuum of making my wife shake her head every time she looks at me!
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I am a full-on hobbit and don't have the slightest problem with any of the types I've worn (the classic, the sprint, and the leather KSO Trek.)
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Hobbit-feet here.

No, it won't rip out hair, but they will begin to toughen up the skin all around your toes. It's not uncomfortable, per se, but having tough skin on the tops of your toes can be a strange feeling.

Also: Your Vibrams will feel too tight, this is normal. They aren't really shoes.
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I doubt if any Vibram shoe would cause the problem you're concerned about, but the Bikilas might give you an extra degree of (psychological) comfort, because they're slightly roomier in the toe zone.
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Same here. Another hobbit with no problems.
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Mr. Lexica and I both wear FiveFingers (me on a daily basis, him less regularly because he has to wear "normal" shoes for work) and both love (LOVE) our Injinji toe socks.

Wearing them has also had the unexpected side effect of helping to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, his foot odor and athlete's foot. When he was wearing normal shoes all the time, his first stop when we got home at the end of the day was the bathroom to wash his stench-emitting feet (if he didn't, I would pretend to be dying from poison gas any time he tried to get near enough to hug me — it was bad). Now... it's just not a problem.
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