Looking for an old children's book
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Back when I was in gradeschool in the late 60's early 70's, I found this book in our school library that I think was called "Puzzles" (maybe more, maybe not). It not only had puzzles but other things like rhymes (Biddy Bodder bought bum butter. Blah said she, bum butter bitter, but it's blended with my batter. Maybe if I get some better butter, blend it with my bitter batter, it'll make my bitter batter better....etc., etc.). There were also these little cartoons in the margins that were very interesting. There were optical illusions and magical tricks and it seemed like each page had something different and interesting. I remember signing that book out all time. Now I have kids of my own and would really love to get my hands on a copy of that book. I know this is a reach but, has anyone ever heard of this? Or, anyone know where there is a repository of old books that I could look? Doing a search for "puzzle books" is very ugly indeed.
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The book of Puzzlements...they had it at the Eatonville library in Toronto (not close to my home) and I made my mom go back there over and over again so I could keep checking it out.
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Here it is. But now I think maybe it's not the same one, since this one is listed as published in 1981. However, it is pretty much like you describe, so if you don't find the one you had, maybe this might be a good substitute.

I loved this book.
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What you could do, if the school is still around, is call that library. Maybe the book is gone, but the librarian might still be there, or vice versa. That would be fun.
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I'm guessing it's a book by Arnold Roth (found on Alibris) called Pick a peck of Puzzles.

I remember the book from when I was a kid, and it sounds like it might be the one. Lots of little drawings and puzzles. He's a nice guy, too. I went to a Christmas Eve party at his house once.
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This probably isn't it, but I remember loving the seventies' puzzle volume of Childcraft.
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Betcha anything it was this one, The Whim Wham Book. It was one my favorites too, and, judging by the out-of-print price.
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Best answer: Found a picture of the one I was thinking of. Does this look like it?
Pick a peck of puzzles
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Response by poster: To "Read": Pick a Peck of Puzzles

I went ahead and ordered that book and got it yesterday. It is the one!

I honestly did not expect to ever see that book again. My kids like it as much as I did.

I am amazed at the power of Ask Metafilter.

Thank you.
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