Getting a video card from Ottawa to California
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I'm near Ottawa, Ontario; I need to ship a defective video card to California. What way gives me the best combination of low cost/speed/reliability?

The card is an ATI Radeon 5870 with a defective fan, that I bought for $400 in april 2010. I have received an RMA e-mail, and printed it.
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Canada Post, air mailed in a bubble mailer. Speaking as an Ottawa-area eBayer. FedEx, UPS, etc, don't have better rates, and air mail will get it there in a week or so and the insurance on $400 will not be very expensive. You will get a tracking number on your receipt from the post office, too.
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Bubble mailer, inside a prepaid Canada Post Xpresspost US envelope. It's under twenty bucks, trackable, and requires signature on receipt. If you can get it to fit in the envelope, the cost is fixed, so maybe go down to the post office and check it out first.
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