Who are the modern DIY autuers?
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What are some recent self- or community-made films way outside the mainstream?

I saw this film made in Detroit last year, Bilal's Stand. It was awesome, especially knowing it was made in a place far from entertainment hubs New York or LA for a very small budget using new cheap-o cameras.

What are some other recent films (say, since 2002) that were created from a shoestring budget with no-name actors and crew living in cities other than the big 2? Are any of them as funny or awesome as Clerks? (Yes I love Clerks).

(I would prefer American films also). (Thanks).
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Oh and I am looking for Fiction features, though incredible fictional shorts would be cool as well. No documentaries.

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It's animated (sorta), but you can't get much more DIY than We Are the Strange. I did a post on it awhile back that goes into more detail.
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I love Fronterz, which was done independently (though with some notable names in it) and on a shoestring.
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Well, there's always Primer.

Hal Hartley is not a bad director and his films would fit your requirements, but I would say his best work is all before 2002.
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How about Mystery Team? I can't seem to find how it was funded, but this is Derrick Comedy's first feature after many hilarious internet videos.

There's also Monsters.

And Primer++
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Trash Humpers?
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Brent Green's Carlin was accepted by Sundance as a documentary as an inside joke. It is decidedly not a documentary.

He is touring a feature length(ish) film now: Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then; the live shows are amazing.
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A friend in Alberta tipped me off to the FUBAR movies which are a product of that province and I'd never heard of them before, never having been there.
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