Lasik surgeons in the NYC area
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Looking for NYC metro area Lasik surgeon recommendations!

I've been wearing contacts for 26 years and am ready to take the Lasik plunge! I've seen this and this. As the NYC question is almost 2 years old I thought I'd ask again for updated good/bad experiences. Thanks for your help!
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While I have not had experience with LASIK in NYC, here is a list of 'top doctors' in the area: A positive review suggests Dr. Ken Moadel is a good choice. Further searches reveal that his Yelp page rates him at 4.5 stars. None of the reviews are under 4 stars, and one of the two 4 star reviews is only because the patient had a negative experience with the receptionist. Hope this helps!
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Dr. Eric R. Mandel is rated 5/5 on He might be another consideration.
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Dr. mandel is my eye Dr. Highly recommended.
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I had a very excellent experience at the Stahl Eye Center two years ago, including door-to-door driver service the day of my surgery. This is especially great because they have an office in Midtown but their surgery center is out on Long Island.
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I went to the Manhattan Lasik Center in March 2010. I'm happy with everything eye-related, including the follow up care, but the price negotiation process was a bit off-putting - felt like haggling for a car. I'm not sure if that's standard practice or not.
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