Storage for ball caps?
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Please help me organize my ball cap collection...

Ok, my ball cap collection is starting to grow. I received 4 new ball caps over the holiday season and now my collection is up to 15. They are all baseball style caps and there are too many for my bedpost and my shelves. I am not looking to "display" them in any way; I am just looking for practical options to keep them off my dresser and shelves so I can have easy access to one when I want to wear it. Any suggestions or options?

I would up for for hooks, etc, but want to avoid hat boxes as these are hats that I wear year round. Upon doing some preliminary research, I bought one of these. I thought it would have been practical, but it wasn't (way too tedious getting the hats out of the clips and also by stacking the hats onto of each other, I found it was crushing my hats). So I am looking for options that allow easy access to my hats.

Bonus points to suggestions that allow dust to keep off of them!
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Baseball caps are soft, aren't they? Will crushing in storage really make a difference? Stacking seems the easier option to me.
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If you collect 'em and want to show them off as well as store them, try one of these.
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Depending on the amount of space you have, you could stack up a bunch of shoe drawers like these (if they're big enough? I'm not sure how wide a baseball cap is, but if those aren't wide enough then there are other plastic drawer options). That way they're all visible, dust-free, and easily accessible even when they're all stacked in the corner of your closet or whatever.
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Are you OK with folding the back in? You can probably fit at least a few per Container Store plastic bin.
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How about a shoe hanger?
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A clothesline with clips? Either DIY, or something like this "Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer."

Also, I just found this, a "Stuffed Animal Organizer Tree."
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Oops, sorry, the link above should be: Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer
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I've got one of those Chain Gang things. I screwed it to the ceiling in the corner of a closet and store all my baseball caps on it. It works great.
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Greetings all! Thanks for the responses and suggestions!

Even though all of my caps are soft, I would prefer not to fold the backs of the hat in (so the caps are now folded in half). Even though this means they are now half the size, I don't like what this can do to a hat. I would prefer to have the hats in the original state.

The clear shoe box container is a great idea for keeping dust off them, and I am seriously considering this option. But most of my hats (in their unstretched state) are about the size of a pair of shoes, so these boxes might only hold one hat at a time (and with close on 20 hats...that will be a lot of boxes and space).

Right now, I have the hats hanging on either my bedposts or the small knobs on my dresser. i am not opposed to the knobs, but it gets completely in the way of opening the various dresser drawers.

I am LOVING the chain gang toy organizer idea! The clips on the back might work well with ball caps (allowing them to hang without being folded!) I am going to do more research into this product. Again, the main reason why the cap rack didn't work for me was (1) the issue of folding the caps and (2) and most importantly, the caps were stacked 3 a piece on top of each other. I know it might not sound like a big deal, but whenever I wanted a hat that was under 2 other hats, it was a pain sliding the other top two hats off of the clip, and then placing them back into the clip. This Chain Gang thing might alleviate that...

Any suggestions for clever or functional hangers/knobs? I might check to see what IKEA has online. I wouldn't be opposed to having a couple of these in my room (while still using either the chain gang or show box idea...)

Thanks for all of the help and please keep the suggestions coming!
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Does anyone know if the Original Chain Gang Organizer is good at "holding" ball caps? Does it allow for a good grip of the ball caps if they are hanging on the hooks?
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They're made to hold the weight of a stuffed animal, so I assume they would work fine on a cap, which presumably is lighter than your typical teddy bear.
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Hey SuperSquirrel,
Thanks. I have no doubt they can handle the "weight" of a ball cap, esp. if they can handle a stuffed toy, but I was wondering if the pinching of toy "clips". I am wondering that since a ball cap is so "thin" vs a stuff toy, would it be able to hold a cap without it slipping, you know?
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Ah, I see what you mean. Great question. I just checked my daughter's, and it is quite possible that the clip might not close enough to keep a hat in place. I tried a couple of caps, some heavier than others, and they all stayed in place, but the heavier ones slipped a tiny bit. It seems to work best for caps with adjustable bands in back.

You may be able to construct your own cap holder using lengths of chain from the hardware store, and your clips of chocie (clothespins or carabiners?). I know I've seen bulk rolls of plastic chain at Home Depot or Lowe's that you get cut to your desired length. I can't find anything on their web sites though, so maybe it's a store-only thing.
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Thanks SuperSquirrel! Thanks for checking that out for me.

Yeah, virtually all of my hats are "fitted" so, they don't have an strap on the back. I am hoping that the clips close enough to grasp some part of the hat, as this is by far the most appealing system to me for storing my hats!

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