Imagine Disco Stick but with more marimba
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An international music mystery! What weird cover music was my roommate hearing in the background over the last week in Barcelona?

According to him, it was like lounge-style covers of pop music ("Lady Gaga?" he wonders) sung by a heavily accented Japanese woman, in English. Apparently the same singer was on different songs, in various different establishments that he patronized during his lovely winter jaunt. I am quite curious as to what this might be - I not so secretly love lounge music. It would be the cherry on top if I could buy it on itunes, once the clever mefi music sleuths figure out what it is!
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Sounds quite like Nouvelle Vague, except they are (I think) French, and cover new wave tracks in lounge style. They were all over the place in Eurppe not long back.
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Ahah! The roommie says that yes, it was indeed Ua! Excellent job, otolith, got it in one.
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