Good exterminator in Twin Cities
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Anyone have a recommendation for an exterminator in the Twin Cities area (St. Paul specifically)? Orkin looks like the main game in town, but I'm wary of simply going with the biggest option around just because it's simple. Reviews/defense of Orkin's service are welcome, too! This is for insects, not rodents.
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Response by poster: Oh! Forgot to add, anecdotes about price of services would be great, too!
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Is this for your house or is it a commercial location? Mrs. VTX used to work for Ecolab's Pest Elimination division and they never thought much of Orkin. However, Ecolab only does commercial pest elimination and they won't do work on your house. Likewise, Orkin might just suck at commercial pest elimination and be fine with their residential business.
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Response by poster: Good point, VTX. This is for a home, not a business. Any other options Mrs. VTX is aware of that do residential stuff?
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Angie's list?
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