I want to learn about restroom advertising.
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I want to learn more about restroom advertising.

I'm considering investing in restroom advertising to promote a new business aimed at college age men and women. Googling the subject gives me scattered company websites and a few old business journal articles - can anyone point me to any sort of definitive resource (online or otherwise)? Also, enlighten me ladies - do bars and clubs these days have any sort of above-the-urinal advertising equivalent (stall doors perhaps)?

Generally, I want to completely understand the pros and cons of this form of advertising. All help will be appreciated.
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Your side question - yes, there are advertisements on the insides of women's bathroom stall doors. I feel like I've seen less and less of them as time has gone on, but that could just be my own experience and not a trend.
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Don't know anything scientific, but I was a big one for posting notices in the bathroom when I had roommates. Basically, observation tells me that people will read *ANYTHING* short & visually available while killing time in a bathroom stall. Whether they do anything with the information absorbed...I'm sure there's a study out there somewhere.
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Best answer: Zoom Media handles a lot of this, both print and video advertising in bar bathrooms. You can choose which bars to advertise in, and the prices are reasonable.
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I own AllOver Media, a restroom advertising business in Western Wisconsin. We use the stall doors for our frames in the ladies room as well as next to a hand dryer or a baby changing table. The top pro in my mind is the ability to target demographically and geographically. We can also guarantee your ad will be read which not all media can claim. Add a mobile campaign and increase your ROI. My business fan page can be found at the link attached.
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