why are there not any other podcasts with stories of midair bird collisions?
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I'm looking for podcast suggestions. The Geologic Podcast is my current favorite podcast. While I do like the whole skepticism angle of it, what I really love is the sketches and anecdotes (particularly Not The Bible and the Ukrainian family stories). What other podcasts do this sort of variety-show silly voice sketch kind of material? I'm also open to audiobook suggestions (John Hodgman fulfills a similar thing, for example-- something about the topic jumping around-ness).

I failed to really get into Skeptic's Guide to the Universe or Jordan Jessie Go; I think I like monologue better than dialogue in this sort of format. (I'm open to try dialogue ones though if you know any that are spectacularly good, I just haven't found any I've fallen in love with.) I like essay-format shows too; Geek Fu Action Grip was a favorite of mine in its time.

Bonus points for geek angle, but I'm not all that topic-focused.
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Try The Toblowsky Files by Stephen Toblowsky [portions Explicit/NSFW]. He's a character actor you've probably seen before, most recently on Glee and Heroes. Great storyteller.
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The Amazing Show Starring James Randi isn't making new episodes anymore, but it has lots of great stories from James Randi.
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This might be an obvious one, so I apologize if you're already into it / already not into it, but... Radiolab? Sciencey and fun, told through illustrative anecdotes.
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Are you looking for podcasts with just one person talking most of the time, a monologist? Or something closer to, say, Prairie Home Companion, with multiple sketches or acts?
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Sorry, brain fart there.

There really aren't many podcasts that I listen to that are effectively monologues without being intensely focused on a specific topic, and generally without sketches. One general one is SQPN: The Break with Fr. Roderick, a Dutch priest who talks about a lot of pop culture and being a Catholic priest and podcaster. Adam Curry still has a podcast, but it's so infrequent it's not really worth chasing down.
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Personal stories, funny, random, sketches and dumb voices and bits. It's vulgar and not really ABOUT anything, but it's one of my favorites: Grandma's Virginity Podcast.
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