E-text metadata edits not transfering to iPhone app
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Why does the Stanza app on my iPhone not recognize the calibre-stamped metadata on some of my .epub files?

I'm using calibre version 0.7.35 on 64-bit Vista. [Before I had a chance to upgrade to 0.7.36, I read that an 0.7.37 had been rushed out to fix the bugs introduced in 0.7.36. So I'd like to stick with 0.7.35 for now.] I use the Edit Metadata fuction to set my own .jpg file as the book cover graphic for an .epub file. That calibre has successfully saved this metadata I assume from the fact that my .jpg appears in both the detail view and the summary pane on the right side of the screen, even after restarting my computer.

I then transfer that .epub to the Stanza app [which is up to date] on my iPhone by going to the iTunes version [see story above] installed on the same computer, clicking on "Joe's iPhone" under Devices, clicking on the Apps tab, selecting Stanza from the list of apps that allow file sharing, clicking the Add button, selecting the .epub file that calibre created in the "calibre Library" folder, and then clicking Open. Same as always.

Usually the custom book cover and any other changes I've made to the metadata that came with the .epub are transferred intact to Stanza. But sometimes they aren't.

It seems to happen mostly, if not exclusively, with files downloaded from Project Gutenberg or similar sites - as opposed to ones coverted from PDFs obtained... elsewhere.

When WinAmp tries to save metadata changes to a read-only protected file, it alerts me to its failure. I assume calibre would do the same now if that were the issue here.
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Best answer: Same thing was happening to me recently, and I just figured out why and was patting myself on the back for it. It seems that editing epub metadata in Calibre doesn't actually edit the epub, it just edits the information in Calibre's internal database (and writes the cover art to "cover.jpg" in the folder you keep your Calibre library in). You have to choose "Convert Books" and convert epub-to-epub to actually write the metadata changes out to the epub file itself.

I confirmed it by unzipping the epub files and examining the contents at various points in the Calibre editing process.

I would hazard a guess that the times you saw the changes actually sticking were all times you were also converting from pdf or txt or what-have-you.
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Response by poster: Ha ha! Yes! In your face, Eugenie Grandet!

Much appreciated.
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