How to get access to ProQuest's Historical St. Louis Post-Dispatch database?
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How can I obtain access to ProQuest's Historical St. Louis Post-Dispatch [1874-1922] database?

My wife is researching her second book and would like to use ProQuest's Historical St. Louis Post-Dispatch [1874-1922] database. She works at a state flagship university in the Midwest, but the library will not subscribe to the database citing budget concerns. Local public libraries in the area cannot afford to subscribe to it, either. Is there some giant public library out there that, for a fee, will provide researchers with a card that allows them long-distance access to this database?

She already has access, through her job, to modern newspapers (i.e. Newsbank, etc.) but specifically needs the St. Louis Post-Dispatch database that covers 1874-1922.

My wife says thank you!
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Perhaps your wife's alma mater offers library privileges for its alums? If so, she might be able to speak with one of the librarians there about potential ProQuest access.
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Caveat--this is from a quick search, please contact the library to confirm...

The Brooklyn Public Library offers non-resident library cards: "People who live outside of New York State and do not fit into one of the above categories must pay a fee of $50.00 per year for a card. The card must be renewed every year....BPL's online databases, including encyclopedias, newspaper and journal articles, research and reference works, and books, can be accessed FREE with an active Brooklyn Public Library card."

BPL also seems to offer ProQuest Platinum: "Full text journal and magazine articles on a wide variety of subjects, from general research to advanced subject matter. "

Again, this is a quick-hit find on my part. Please contact them directly for solid information.
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Access appears to be available through the St. Louis County Library, with a valid library card number.
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OCLC returns two libraries with online DB access to the Historical St. Louis Post-Dispatch [1874-1922]:

ST LOUIS, MO 63131 United States
(314) 994-3300


Lovejoy Library at
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Voice: (618) 650-2603
Fax: (618) 650-2717

I'm going to guess that your wife will have better luck accessing the DB through the Lovejoy Library. Call 'em.
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Here's info on how to get a St. Louis County Library card.

Also, I know you specifically asked for remote access, but if you live near any of the St. Louis Community College branches (here is their catalog record for this database), their authentication page states that online access is reserved for members of their academic community, but members of the public are welcome to use the database on-site.
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This post is pretty old but may still contain some useful information.

(And tell the wife I said hi.)
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Remote access to databases is a licensing issue, usually. The DB vendors really don't want to open it up to the world unless the library is paying for the world.

That being said, there are various libraries that will sell non-resident cards with some kind of database access. The New York City PL is one, I think there are some in California. Your best bet may be to google non-resident cards, possibly with "researcher," and then contact the libraries to see if access to that specific database would be included.

Having deal with ProQuest, though, if you find any library that will sell you access, they are most likely in violation of their license.
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