Vegas shows cheap?
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I'm going to vegas for a week (for a conference) on thurs. I really want to go to one of the high end shows, like O. I'm going to the show by myself - I'd like to know where to get a last minute ticket as cheaply as possible.

The stuff on the net seems a bit sketchy. Google has lots of 'discounted' tickets...but the prices vary quite a bit, which gives me headaches. I'm hoping someone either used one and got what they wanted...or can suggest a physical place in vegas. I'm cant stand in lines for a standby ticket (it's a busy conference).
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It's my understanding the shows in Vegas sell out pretty much all the time so, unlike NYC, they don't really offer discounts. This about page seems to have okay advice on the topic.
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There is a place in Vegas you can go to on the afternoon of the show to get tickets for up to half off. I don't recall the name, but this place was in all the guides that we picked up once we got there. I seem to recall it being on the strip next to a giant Coca-Cola bottle, if that helps in the slightest. It may be these folks: Tix4tonight.
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Mystere is much better than O.. Just in case you were debating..
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When I first moved to Vegas I asked around about this. I was told that you can't really get discounted tickets for any of the big show, except maybe on the day of the show (maybe even right before the show starts.) Several of the casinos do offer free shows when you sign up for their player's card, so you might want to check that out. (I second the recommendation for Mystere, a fantastic show, also David Copperfield (at the MGM) is pretty entertaining)
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There is a local radio program here in town that has a radio show on 1390AM called the Radio Shopping Network. While they don't have O, they do sell tickets to many other shows on the strip for 40-60% off, if not more. I have used them several times. You can purchase just one ticket, not like other discount shops that require a minimum of 2 tickets purchased. Anyway, here is a link to the Radio Shopping Show's shoppers guide Scroll down to 'Local Hotels and Casinos' to see if anything interests you. Keep in mind the prices listed are the retail value and do not reflect the 60% discount. If you get a chance, try to listen to one of their broadcasts online to see how it works.

For what its worth, no show on the strip compares to O, take it from a native who has gone three times, its well worth the money. Have fun!
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