Creating a manifest of manifestos
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Point me towards recent mainstream media man-ifestos -- jokey calls for the reclamation of masculinity, like the recent Dockers campaign (static screenshot here) or less-recent Miller High Life campaign (manifesto here (PDF)).

I'm not looking for MRA screeds -- or anything overtly political, really. Rather, I'm looking for examples of popular (probably commercial), vaguely-tongue-in-cheek calls for the reclamation of masculinity, however "masculinity" is defined. I'm more interested in recent stuff (i.e. from the past decade) but older stuff would be useful as well. Video and written materials are both good.

And what the heck, if you happen to have examples of woman-ifestos, I'd love to see them as well.
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The Sociological Images blog collects examples of sociologically-interesting advertising and the gender: masculinity tag has a lot of what you want.
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The Chap and their Chap Manifesto. Though their book (which I've read) was a lot more tongue-in-cheek than their website seems to be (at first glance, just now).
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Man's Last Stand (Dodge Charger ad)
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Art of Shaving had some manliness affirmations as part of their recent campaign (I think they're dreadful).
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My mind immediately went to that paragon of manliness, The Most Interesting Man in the World.
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Canadian Club whisky had a campaign along these lines: "Damn right your dad drank it".
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The Chap isn't advertising, mind.

I believe Burger King did something like this in the US. Also Old Spice.
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Thanks for the responses! wemayfreeze's answer was the one that really got to the heart of what I was looking for (that is, treatises on reclaiming lost masculinity, rather than your standard policing-masculinity fare), but this is all helpful.
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