Trying to find a bag seen on Flickr: What's in your bag.
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I'm trying to find this bag that I saw on a post with What's in your bag on Flickr. The bag is orange, not sure if it's a messenger bag.
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"That's a Target special:) I think they make 'em in blue now too...woohoo!"

That was posted right on the page at Flickr! I think she means the store, 'Target.' Try looking in Target.
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Seems obvious, but did you ask the user (cameo)? Right in the comments, she answers your question and says, "That's a Target special:) I think they make 'em in blue now too...woohoo!" Did you look at Target?
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Uh, cameo answered your question two days ago in the comments on the picture. It's from Target. Maybe this one?
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I just searched through the Target site and didn't see anything obvious, but go to your local store (in the US) and they might still have it - they don't carry everything online.

On preview: monju, that's in the books section, but I think you might be right.
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Ok. Thanks. I hadn't had a chance to check out cameo's answer
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Here's an illustration from the maker of the Chronicle Messenger Bag I linked above. It doesn't really look like the same bag, but it's hard to tell from the illustration.
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eBay has an orange messenger bag that is strikingly similar, but not exact. It's an XHILARATION brand, which is either Target's brand, or it is extensively sold there.
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Not to be pedantic, but... you had time to post a question to AskMe, but not to scroll down on the Flickr page in question to find the answer already posted?
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That bag looks like it's a cheap imitation of a Chrome Citizen bag. I have one and it's the best bag I've ever owned or seen.
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