Smooth, soft skin in any situation.
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How do strippers get their skin to be so soft and smooth even though they're running around, dancing on stage, and generally working on their feet all night?

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My wife and I have frequented a few strip clubs in our area in the past year. It's fun times for both of us, as we both enjoy sitting back, chatting, having a drink, and watching the dancers. Occasionally, if either of us finds someone we like, we get a lap dance.

After we both got a dance from the same girl, we both noticed how soft and smooth her body was. She'd been on stage just 10 minutes before, but she wasn't sweaty or clammy or anything - just smooth and soft. I figured they all use tons of lotion or baby powder, but is there something else? They can't be using lotion right before coming out, or they'd be greasy, right?

So, basically - how do strippers maintain that soft and smooth skin in general, and especially while they're working and dancing?
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A thorough dousing of cocoa butter or oil (you can get unscented), and a light dusting of baby powder.
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It is a combination of lotion and powder and frequent toweling off. The right kind of HVAC will also help greatly to reduce clammy.

They lotion up with something heavy duty like baby oil or one of those silicone (simethicone?) ingredients at the beginning of the shift to lay down a good base of protection, which will eventually "dry" and just be smoothness. Then they go over it with thinner layers of the cheap vanilla and strawberry stuff so they smell like strippers.

I asked once...

The key is to suffer through the few minutes of greasy feeling after the heavy duty stuff until it works in.
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I know one or two dancers who swear by almond oil and a good powder.
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Former stripper here. Many of us used Palmer's cocoa butter. Baby oil, baby powder, and deodorant (on knees, etc.) were not allowed because they could be slipping hazards for other dancers on stage.
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cocoa butter - the strippers at babydolls in dallas use a vanilla powder, not baby powder, on top of that.
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I've read about using baby oil right after showering to get this effect. Check out the comments here:
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Every stripper I've dated used baby oil after showering. It stops being greasy after a few minutes and leaves the skin very soft, the way you describe.
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Also, according to friends who have stripped, obsessive use of a body scrub in the shower. The St Ives apricot one is a favorite because it's cheap (Target sells an even cheaper generic version), has a warm, sweet smell, and is really scrubby. I find that scrub makes a big difference to my skin.
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It's also because they are young and beautiful.
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I took this thread's advice and I'm reporting back results.

I tried the baby oil yesterday. First time I did it, it just felt awful and clammy all over my body, never really got better. The oil rubbed off on everything I touched. Awful skin sensation. Then I realized I'd toweled off before applying the baby oil, so I started over.

And yes, the key was to slather it all on while I was still wet from the shower. Then after I air-dried a bit, I added some regular lotion. I could feel that the baby oil had created a water-proof seal on my skin. Damn, I was impressed. Even this morning, my skin is the softest and smoothest it's ever been.

If I keep this up for a few weeks--maybe in conjunction with a good body scrub--I think I'll have to become a stripper myself, just to show off my new incredible soft skin!
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