Looking for a Mexican restaurant in Milwaukee that hand take reservations.
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Are there any Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee, WI that take reservations or can otherwise handle a group of 10-20 on a Saturday night? A search of previous questions turned up Cempazuchi but I'm looking for more ideas.

I've been to a few ill-planned parties that start at a restaurant and we usually end up spending 2 hours waiting or trying to coordinate a plan B. Please help!
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Try Open Table. I just searched for a reservation for 10 people this Saturday and found openings at Charro and Coa.
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I have found that restaurants that don't usually take reservations will often do so for parties. You might want to try calling around, explaining the situation and see if they will accommodate you.

Not for nothing, just calling the restaurants is probably better for them than using Open Table.
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I'd go to the Fifth Ward for Mexican - try Botanas, La Fuente, or La Perla; all should be able to accommodate larger groups.
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El Fuego on Layton Avenue is a huge place and should have no trouble whatsoever accommodating you if you make reservations.

If you're willing to go to Waukesha, I highly recommend La Estacion. You can reserve a train car.
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