Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space.
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I want to travel in space, but I'm stuck on my couch..

I recently watched a British documentary called Journey to the Edge of the Universe. The full video is long, with lots of visual effects, CGI, a sense of movement across vast distances, great colors, and an ambient soundtrack.

I'm never going to be an astronaut. And I get the sense that astronauts aren't going to take their video cameras where I want to go anytime soon.

So I'm looking for more of the same. I want to lie down, put the big screen right in front of my face, the speakers next to my ears, and go on a journey that'll rekindle my sense of wonder and awe.

Standalone documentaries, movies, music vids, or lengthy fragments of any of those are all welcome. Basically any extended visual representation of movement or travel through deep space would be great.

Stuff available on the internet would be easiest for me.
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Best answer: Here's a youtube playlist for Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series. It's a wonderful show.
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Best answer: Here's a quick YouTube video, but developed from a real Hubble image

Hulu link for Cosmos (US only, but higher quality)

A related series called Cosmic Journeys

A History Channel astronomy series

Also, visit your local planetarium or observatory ;)
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Best answer: The fiction film Sunshine, while somewhat underwhelming plot-wise, is an amazing visual experience and about space travel.
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Best answer: Not all astronauts go to space. They all train on sims though, and as it happens there's a fun and accurate sim for astronauts and non-astronauts alike that's completely free: Orbiter. The physics it uses are as close to real as possible and since it supports modding, the addons are serious. You'll want to start with a tutorial so look around for that and once you've mastered the basics, in the words of Expensive Hardware Lobbing, consult JPL's rulebook.
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Best answer: For an interactive journey of deep space, I highly recommend Celestia, which is a digitized version of our known universe. It's a real treat travelling to the edge of our galaxy only to look back and see all of our constellations looking completely different than what we're used to. There's also a decent collection of user made textures and additional objects to explore. (and of course Obiter for the local journies) Just kick back with you're own John Sierrie playlist going and you're good to go.
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Best answer: I just re-watched the end of 2001 with a punk mash-up from Echoes which was a little throwback to those urges. The 21 min. Vimeo version is gone, and the attached YouTube version is shortened & comes in 2 parts, but still
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Best answer: (Actually the full 25 min. version here!) YEAH!
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Response by poster: Thank you. Those are all awesome. Seriously awesome.

(And if you don't see me around these parts for a while, it's because I've joined the fleet, and gone to see the stars!) :)
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